A lifestyle space specializing in the curation of artisan made goods.

Our vision is to move beyond a culture of wasteful consumption towards intentional consumption by curating high quality products that are intentionally designed and produced. We want to create an experience where you get to rediscover products, how they are made, the cultural relevance and heritage it embodies, bringing you joy in the process.

Creating impact through job creation

By partnering with talented artisans and designers, we create unique, long lasting and valuable items, ensuring impact through job creation.

  • Environment

    We are passionate about the environment and work with our partners to ensure we are causing as little harm as possible

  • Artisan Empowerment

    Artisan empowerment is at the core of our work. Our weavers and makers are predominantly women. They are supported in their work through fair wages.

  • Craftmanship

    Artisanal practices are as old as time itself. We are passionate about preserving artisanal practices through our work, and bringing to light the social and cultural value of this heritage.

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